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I can't get my Gearbox to see my POD xt

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I just picked up a nice POD xt Pro and I installed the drivers for it. Plus I installed Gearbox too. So I turn on the POD and then double-click the Gearbox icon on my desktop and Gearbox says:


No Hardware Found


No Compatible Line 6 USB Devices have been detected




So when I click the OK button and dismiss this screen and I look in the lower right corner of the Gearbox interface I see a flashing USB cable icon and this means the status of my connection is obviously not right.


I don't get what's goin' on here.


I installed the correct drivers and Gearbox but I'm getting this error message.


What is the fix here?


I'm on Windows 8.1.




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It's OK now. The fellow I bought it from gave me a bad USB cable. I replaced it with one of my own and now it works great.

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