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Trying to replicate a rig...


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Hi all,


I'm trying to replicate this rig:


One thing I thought about, is that in the Helix we typically have the amp block followed by a cab / IR block... but I'm wondering about having the cab or IR block as the last block in the signal path, kind of similar to how the rig in the link would work (looks like all FX are front of amp as well I think).

Anyone tried it with cab at the end of the path? To me it would seem more like a natural thing, as the signal would hit the amp, then the 'FX loop' area in the helix between the amp and cab.


...or am I over-thinking this? :)

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Looks like drives, rack wah, eq, other pedals are in front of amp and TC/Boss rack effects are before the power amp and sent to a "wet" cabinet. You should be able to replicate something similar in Helix, and it should be much easier since it is all internal routing in the digital world. 

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Yes people have tried it and some say that effects such as sprint reverb sound much better between amp and cab - the difference is that eq is applied by the cab to result of the effects. 

The potential problem is that stereo effects (if you are using them) will be collapsed back to mono by a single cab/IR block but should be good with a dual cab block (dual IR doesn't exist - you have to split the path to get a stereo IR)

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Path 1 > drives/pedals > split > 1A > amp 1> cab/IR 1> dry output

                                                  1B > volume pedal > route to path 2


Path 2 > amp 2 > wet effects > cab/IR 2 > wet output

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