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Helix Native 1.01 authorization issue (resolved)


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Update: The issue was resolved by opening up Native (with the error message) and then clicking on the gearbox in the lower left corner.  I then de-authorized and re-authorized the laptop, and everything seems ok now.






I downloaded the 1.01 installer, and it installed fine on my desktop, but not on my laptop . Version 1.00 installed fine with no issue on my laptop.

It seemed to install ok on my laptop (Device Dell7359 is computer name) (using ASIO4ALL), but when I try to bring it up, I get the message:

"Failed to connect to DSP engine. (Device has not been initialized properly)


I tried my GT-001 with the same message. Otherwise, both drivers work fine; it is only with Line 6 plugins.

version 1.00 worked fine.....

When I tried to bring up Pod Farm 2, it said the computer was not authorized.
I tried to do everything I could think of (including re-authorizing and rebooting), but to no avail. So I think something went haywire with the licensing...
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There is no gear on mine, and the deauthorize is greyed out. all i can click is "Authorize This Computer"

but it just says " You have a valid license, but you must authorize this computer to use the software, to authorize this computer, click 'authorize this computer' below

which doesnt do anything

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