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Helix - Midi - Channel Switching


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Channel Switching via Midi is effectively being done through the Bank/Program side in the Command Center.  However, I can not figure out exactly how to keep the LED ring illuminated, AND to turn it off when I change channels.  It's switching but the led is acting like a momentary switch and not latching. 


Any idea as to how to resolve this issue?


Assigning an effect like EQ doesn't resolve this issue because it acts like a pedal at that point.  you have to physically turn it on and off.



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Can you be more specific?  There are many ways to switch channels - what device are you switching channels on?  Using the Bank/Program option for a switch in Command Center basically sends a MIDI Program Change message, and it sends the same message every time, which is why it doesn't latch. 


The ideal solution would be if you can configure you're device to respond CC messages.  For instance, getting a CC message on Channel 5, CC# 20, Value 0 switched it to channel A, and getting a CC message on Channel 5, CC#20, Value 127 switched your device to channel B.  That way you could use a Toggle CC instead of the Bank/Program.


If your device can only switch channels on a PC message, for instance Channel 5, PC#6, you could put small device like the MIDI Solutions Event Processor in between the Helix and the Device, and program the Event Process to convert all CC message on Channel 5 CC#20 to Channel 5 PC#6 messages.  Assuming you are sending that device a PC message to switch to a preset and it always comes up in the same channel (say, channel A), this would work perfectly. 


All of the values above (Channel 5, CC#20, PC#6) I just made up, of course.  If I could see the MIDI spec for the device you are trying to control, I could provide some more specific help.

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Ok, I just re-read your post.  Do you mean that your device responds to different PC values to switch channels?  For instance, PC#5 switches to channel A, and PC#6 switches to channel B, and you want to put PC#5 on one switch, PC#6 on another switch, and have hitting one switch turn it's LED on and the other switch's LED off.  If that is the case, you can do that with snapshots -


First, configure the Helix so that either the top row or the bottom row or both rows of switches control Snapshots.


Then go in to Control Center and pick one of the Lightning bolt slots.  Hit the switch for one snapshot, and then change the Program/Bank and set the PC Channel and Value you want.  Then hit the switch for another snapshot, and change the Value to the one you want for that snapshot.  Save the preset, and you're good.  Selecting one snapshot will send the first PC Value, selecting the next will send the PC Value for that snapshot, and the last selected snapshot switch will be lighted.


If you are already using snapshots, and you want this switching control to be independent, your are out of luck, Helix can't do that.  There are more sophisticated MIDI footswitches that can, if you want to pay the extra $$$

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