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Will a headphone dac help low impedance headphones with the pod hd500x


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Check out the manual as read somewhere here recommended were 200ohm h'phones.

But the question is those ATs are great for recording and have a fairly flat response so what you hear is what you get

as opposed to hyped hifi h'phones with "deep bass" etc.

The question is as they are opened back phones can you get loud enough to drown

out the acoustic sounds of your notes as your playing? They should be able to handle a fairly high spl. Make sure they are

correctly working? This might mean monitoring on an interface as I just noticed they were 35ohms.

But here is the truth factor! Trust them. If they are distorting easily it means your patches are too bass heavy. Trust them!


I use isolation h'phones for the HD but I wouldn't mix on them but I do trust what I am hearing when they cant handle a signal.

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Headphone impedance is not mentioned in the manuals, but the Line 6 FAQ on Headphones has this...


Q: What is the recommended headphone ohm rating for use with Line 6 products?
A: For devices with a 1/4" output, we recommend headphones rated between 150-600 ohm (pro or semi-pro level) studio headphones for best results. For those with an 1/8" output, headphones designed for MP3 player usage are usually a good match. Results may vary between headphone models and manufacturers.

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