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Helix Native and playing along to Spotify and Youtube


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I'm not a Helix Native user (yet), but I have a question that to me is a big thing. Say if you use Helix Native and Reaper in Win8 or Win10, but 90% of the time you play along to Spotify, youtube and mp3s in VLC. Would this work with Helix Native, even presets with high DSP use? I'm used to doing this with Axe FX2, HD500 or PODxt Pro, but I'm not sure if you can use both SPotify and Helix Native at the same time without issues. I would normally not bother with importing audio into Reaper just to play along.

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I've no problems using both spotify and a taxing dual path Helix Native preset in reaper x64 at the same time. Windows 10 btw.


My computer is an older Core i5 2500K (quad core) with 16GB RAM and a Scarlett Solo 2 gen with buffer settings adjusted for low latency (sample rate: 44.1 and buffer size: 16). I can even spin up multiple tracks all loaded with helix native, armed/monitor on and with different presets. I've not tested how many tracks before overloading the CPU but I guess at least 6-8 would be possible.

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