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M5 Tone/volume Drifts By Itself Erratically


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Hi was wondering if anyone has the same problem.


I'm running an M5 in the middle of my pedal chain, so it's either the last overdrive/dist option or the first modulation option in the chain.


I'm experiencing erratic fluctuations in tone and volume in the patches. For example, in my "Tube Drive" patch, it's like as though there's a Tone and Volume knob and someone is adjusting it as i play.


At first I thought it was a problem with a faulty cable or pedal somewhere in the chain but one after another I tested and isolated the problem and it's the M5.


Anyone faced the same issue?

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I have experienced this "drift" problem since Day 1 of the original purchase of what I assume is version 1.0.Are you sending MIDI program or control changes to the unit?A quick return to another patch seems to reset  and correct the problem.Of course,in a live performance situation,this is not the best scenario.For your information,I returned my original unit to Guitar Center the day I bought it and the company refused to trade new units.Line 6 has threatened to ban me for honest reply.You are probably stuck with a flawed M5.On the bright side,Better Business Bureau and Consumer Complaints are in copy of this and all correspondence I have on these forums.After all ,the customers made them possible in the first place.

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I experienced this phenomenon and in my personal experience it seems to be "power supply" related. It happens to me when the power source is feeding also heavier stuff like a large bass amp. and/or when "sharing" power with a multiple power supply like the Pedal Power or the 1Spot. When isolating and regulating the power source (adding a Furman regulator i.e.) the problem seems to be gone, at least in my rig, for now.

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