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stacking 2 L3x?

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Hi folks,


I own 2 L3m at the moment and think about buying another pair for concerts in bigger locations. I wonder how to secure the upper speaker when stacked over the first one. I don't want it to fall down because of the vibrations.

Any hint?


Thank you very much!!!

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Stacked on top of each other? There isn't a hole on top of an L3 for mounting another and I doubt that it would be stable if you are relying on the base of the lower speaker.


The recommended set-ups for bigger concerts would be to mount each pair side by side on top of L3s Subs as per the diagrams in the Quick Start guide using the poles to link them.


See Page 22.


There are probably some music styles that don't need the extra low end, but most will benefit from using the dedicated subs to extend the range allowing the L3 to handle the mids. It might be worth considering a pair of L3s to extend your L3m before getting more L3m.


I can't see anybody with them in stock either, but that doesn't surprise me that much - I very much doubt that they are a fast moving item. Bax and Andertons say that they can order and deliver quickly, but that depends on Yamaha Europe having them in stock and responding quickly.

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Thank you, I've already found these poles, but I cannot find an online shop in Europe (by the way, greetings from Italy!) that has them in stock.


Thank you very much!

For those who may find this post confusing ...... he is replying to a post I made and then deleted because I discovered that the poles I mentioned in my post are not suitable for this purpose. The OP clearly saw my post during the minute or two that it was active and he responded.


The reason the poles are not suitable is that, as Rewolf48 points out, the L3m does not have the threaded hole to accept the screw-mount pole. The poles are designed for the L3s.

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Just checked with our set-up here at Line 6. The L3 T's and M's are meant

to stack on the L3S sub, and not on top of one another. It's too top heavy, so

don't stack T's and M's on top of other T's and M's, even with a sub on the bottom.


And what silverhead said too. He knows his stuff.



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I was going to reply with much the same as said above. Get a pair of L3S before a second pair of L3T/M



BUT for the sake of helping out... I have mounted a pair of K&M 20mm pole recepticles into the tops of my L3M's BUT I do not use them for mounting another speaker! I use them for a lighting pole to reduce on tripods/stands.


There was a thread some time ago which included my "how to"


BUT do not mount another speaker on top!!!

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