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Metal Pack disappeared from my HD500X


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Hi everyone,


Two years ago I purchased the Metal Pack for my HD500X, and haven't used it ever since. Today I turned on my HD500X and realised that all the content of the aforementioned bundle have disappeared. I checked out thoroughly even via the HD500X Edit programme, but no way - none of the following amp models was there:


Peavey® 5150® (Block logo)
Bogner® Shiva
Remastered Marshall® JCM800 (Model 2204)
Line 6 Insane
Line 6 Big Bottom
Line 6 Variac'ed Plexi
Line 6 Purge
Line 6 Aggro
Line 6 Smash
Line 6 Octone
I also checked the purchase log on my Line6 account, and noticed that the invoice and activation key for the Metal Pack are still there. 
Is there a way to activate the Metal Pack again with the old activation key or am I supposed to spend another 50$ again for the same bundle? How can I bring back the amp models that I paid for?
Please help and sorry in advance if a similar topic has already been opened in this forum.
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Not too long ago, I turned on my HD500X after being dormant for an eon and quickly noticed that all models packs were not showing up in HD Edit. So I guess I had a similar occurrence as you. I did manage to fix whatever was wrong, however I cannot remember what I did to make them appear again. Memory fart. :( I know I did not have to reauthorize anything, or purchase anything. Also, on the device, if you hold down the view button and navigate to the last page of the system menu, any model packs installed should be indicated there. Also be sure to check your presets on the device itself. The model pack amps will probably show there. Perhaps a reinstall of HD Edit might be of use.

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Both PC and POD are already authorised. I ran the Line 6 License Manager program, and yes - the HD Metal Pack is visible under DEVICES-->HD500X, as you can see in the link below:


Unfortunately, the amp modelsdon't show up when trying to find them via HD 500X Edit and on the device itself.


Did the reinstall and nothing happened. The amps listed on the device are exactly the same to the ones shown in HD 500X Edit. 


The license manager program appears to be incorrect from what you are seeing elsewhere. Turn on the device and don't run HD Edit. Is the metal pack listed on page 12 of the system menu? And when you select a preset that you know has a metal pack amp in it, what amp is shown? If the amps are nowhere to be seen on the device, I'd probably open a support ticket.

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