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Input reduction after >30 minutes on the same preset?


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I’ve noticed on a couple occasions that my input volume is dramatically reduced after not changing any preset settings. I’ll Start playing again and it’s as if my guitars volume knob is at 2 (when it’s at 10). I do have input gate toggled.


The problem goes away when switching to a different preset, then switching back.

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Might not be just Helix. My Firehawk does this on at least one patch, a Plexi Bright HD model with mids all the way up...

It is so gradual, I thought I was going (more) crazy, but then I noticed the background hum would suddenly jump up after a quick back and forth preset switching event. Since my patch is only lightly gated, this is a sure telltale that gain is gradually falling off and then getting restored when I toggle patches.

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This is a bug with the Mesa Amp models (Mk IV I believe). If you have bass set at 0, you get this phenomenon. 


This is a known bug and is documented in the Native Release Notes:


And in this thread:


The bug is also present in other amps including Mesa bass amps, not just the Mk IV.

Hopefully there will be a fix in the next firmware version.


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