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Amazing!  I debated whether I should waste space writing this, but I am.  We all know this is a great forum as others have said it, and it has helped people like me (bought the Helix just this year) get tremendous pleasure out of it.  When you post a question, comment, anything here, you get instant feedback, and it's helpful and respectful and even fun.  I'm new to the forum thing (yeah, I'm oldish) but I'm a member of a few now and none, really none, are in the league of this one.  I won't name names but I posed a question to another forum and here because I wasn't certain where the problem was (which device), and over there, I have 58 views after many days with ZERO responses.  Here I have a half dozen thoughtful, helpful replies in less than 12 hours!


So to the regulars (we know who you are) and all the others that help, I think we all say thanks and great job!  


OK - it's midnight on the east coast which means it's time to play guitar!



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