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Custom guitars on the JVT 59

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I currently have a V700 that I've been using in the studio and live for several years. I play in a cover band, and love being able to switch to the guitar of the band we are covering.  I have my 5 favorites saved in custom 1, and can quickly switch between them in mid song.   In one song, I am playing an acoustic until the double lead comes in.  I click my distortion pedal and flip the guitar toggle to a LesPaul.  When the lead is over, back to clean acoustic.  Love the 5 position switch for my 5 favorites.


I am considering buying a JVT59, but don't see a 5 position toggle.  How do I switch guitars between favorites quickly without that switch?

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You would need to make use of Workbench HD, create your patch, and load the

Custom patch into the JTV-59, to switch between them. Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye

Blind did something similar like that on his customized JTV-69.


There is no way to directly port over from the 700 to the JTV-59, since they are

different data formats from each other.


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The JTV59 has a 3 position toggle switch (like an LP type guitar) but you can still asign 5 favorites to the Custom bank.

3 of your favorites are chosen directly with the 3 way switch - accessing the remaining 2 favorites requires pushing the alt tuning knob - like this:
Model 1 = 3-way toggle switch upper position
Model 2 = 3-way toggle switch middle position
Model 3 = 3-way toggle switch lower position
Model 4 = 3-way toggle switch upper position + alt tuning knob engaged
Model 5 = 3-way toggle switch lower position + alt tuning knob engaged

- not as easy as using a 5-position switch - but it can be done. And everything can be programmed with Workbench HD.

You might also consider a Standard, that has the familiar Strat-style 5-position switch.

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