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looper question


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ok, i'm sitting at work, and I realized there is something I haven't tried... if I was at home I would just plug in and try it... but since I'm sitting here, I know someone else knows the answer... 


can one set a looper block at the beginning of the chain, create a loop, then set the other blocks while the loop runs? basically allowing you to turn knobs while "someone else" is playing (the looper) 


I find that is the biggest slow-down for me, is with so many options, I feel like I need a clone... one to play, the other to tweak... until I find that sound in my head...


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You can also change to another Preset and still have the original Looper content playing in the other Preset. Just be sure that the Looper Block you define in the Presets are in the same DSP Path. In other words if the Looper Block is in Path 1A in the originating Preset, the Looper Block will need to also be in Path 1A (or Path 1B) in the other Preset.


For the demoing and dialing in process you are using -- an excellent method -- you may even define several Presets in consecutive order and step from one Preset back and forward to the next and preceeding Presets so long at they all share the same Looper Block in the same DSP Path.


Also the type of Looper Block must be consistent! Go with Mono or Stereo as you wish, but they must be consistent amongst the several Presets you wish to rock between and amongst.

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