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Native won't work without internet? 😱


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But: In any case an activated network adapter (LAN card, whatever) is needed ;)

Sorry I don't understand. What do you mean by saying "activated Network adapter".


The trial software has been activated but if I activate Flight Mode on my laptop, Native won't work.


I have 2 days left to test it and I'm doubtful if to purchase it because of the restriction.

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The free trial requires you to be connected every time you use it, the licenced version requires that you are connected only the first time to verify the licence and register the computer - after that there is no requirement for it to be connected.

Ah! Now I get it! In that case I will purchase it. Hopefully Line 6 will update it with the same features as the Helix soon. I love the Snapshots.


Some how I didn't see your post and replied to the next one.

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(Sep 19 2017 12:21 PM | by line6will)

Helix Native requires an internet connection to initially authorize the license both for the demo and full versions. Once the license has been authorized, you no longer need an internet connection to use the software. But, because of how the authorization works, you do need an NIC (Network Interface Controller) enabled. Do not disable your network card (wireless or LAN) when running Helix Native. If you want run without an internet connection, just unplug your LAN cable or disconnect from your WiFi network.


Seems as if Helix Native needs the so called MAC address / ID

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