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No Fist to Save Favorites

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How can I save a favorite (tone) with a song. I can save to My Tones but never to favorites. It says click the Fist (logo) in the Now Playing view/mode but I see no such choice.

I'd also like to delete many of the built-in sounds, or not display them as my ears are not pounding as I play with headphones and in the process of trying to find the fist clicked on "Soldano" which pretty much doubled my tinitus for tonight.

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Hi FleetwoodPC, 


To favorite a tone with a song: 


Select the Music Tab > Play My Music > Select song. 


After the tone match process brings up tones, press the 'Favorite Button' which looks like a Tab with a Heart on the left of the tones name. 


This will ensure that the favorited tone is loaded automatically when jamming with music. These tones will also be saved into the favorites folder. 



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