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Emulating Boss OC-3 Polyphonic mode on HD500


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Short version:

How can I improvise a low pass filter out of the EQ on my HD500 so that I can get only the E and A strings, like we get in the polyphonic mode in the Boss OC-3 pedal?

Detailed version:

I've been trying to emulate the polyphonic mode found on the Boss OC-3 on my HD500.

I'm running two parallel effects lines, with a graphic EQ as a low pass filter on one (to get just the E and A strings) and a hi pass on the other (just to give some presence while trying to retain the natural sound as much as possible). My signal chain on the bass side is the EQ and a bass octaver running into a Flip Top amp (which has the bass boosted and mids, treb and presence turned off).

While I've gotten 70% there, I've run into some expected problems, mainly with the way the improvised low pass filter is working (it doesn't completely eliminate the other strings), because of which there is a constant compromise between the levels of the two channels, which either results in

1) the unwanted octaved D,G,B and E strings leaking in (if I want a stronger bass sound), which clashes horribly when I play chords, or

2) a softer bass sound with a trebly, unpleasant characteristic (owing to the EQ settings on the second effect line).

Any ideas on how to get around this problem? Any insight would be appreciated. The video I've attached demonstrates the sound I'm aiming at (it's time-stamped)


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To the best of my knowledge - (and please, someone tell me I have a new toy to play with if I am wrong) - you cannot separate your strings. 


But, maybe since you are part way there, do what you already did a 2nd time --- add a 2nd low pass filter after the first one. It may help eliminate some more of the unwanted sounds.

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No the filter is not the same as in the video. Helix might or be able to be set as a path.<br />That said I play bass and can get the most use out of the synth models which can simulate<br />a cheesy synth. I usually put a delay before so the clean bass attack gets thru first.<br />But for bass on the HD it is really about making the finger noise trigger the synth tones.<br />The Helix Native has got more routing options to get what you want but still no divide the frequencies FX.<br />but you could create it in there.<br />Check out little thunder

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