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Is there something jammed in my 'phones' jack? Pod HD500


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I haven't used my Pod HD500 in probably two years or so and I don't remember breaking any plugs inside it but I can't seem to plug my 1/4" adapter into the 'phones' jack. It also looks like something is inside it butI'm not sure if it's supposed to look like this: This is the plug I'm trying to use:


Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.

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Your 1/4" phones jack definitely has "something" lodged in it... clearly visible in the photo. Probably the insides of a 3.5mm mini connector.


In cases like this, ultra-fine tweezers or a paperclip are indicated. It's a delicate operation, so go slow, use caution,.. And be sure to disconnect power before you begin.


You can expect a complete recovery and regain full use of your Pod.

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