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POD HD500x switching channels for no reason (Help!)


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My POD HD500x is switching channels for no reason. Basically, it will switch to channel D randomly. Sometimes I have to fight to get it back to the other channels. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason why it's doing this.


Would a reset fix the problem and if so how does one do that?


Hoping for a fix or suggestion ASAP.


Thank You!


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It is always worth backing up your patches and doing a factory reset as the first course of action to resolve a problem.


Just guessing here but your problem could be caused by the D switch being permanently engaged - maybe the spring has become compressed and so it never disengages?

I have seen posts on here describing how to disassemble the HD500 and to service the switches - so if yours is out of warranty and if the factory reset doesn't help - then perhaps you can look at the switches yourself.


If none of that helps then contact raise a ticket with Line 6 and ask them for assistance - and if it's under warranty then definitely try this option if the factory reset doesn't resolve the issue.


Good luck.

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I'm in communication with Support now. From what they're telling me, I'll have to take it to a repair tech. I'm pretty sure I'm well out of warranty, I've had it for nearly 4 years.


I tried a factory reset and updating Flash with no change that I can see. It still occasionally switches to D at random.


Two new issues have arisen in the meantime:


1. The expression pedal forgot how to sweep. I did a reconfiguration of the pedal and it seems to have solved the problem, if only temporarily.

2. There is slight bleedthrough of sound when the tuner is on.


Other recent suspicious activity occurred about a year ago. Switches A, B, C, and D along with their lights stopped working all of a sudden. It would get stuck on one of the presets and it wouldn't allow me to switch to another. For example, it was stuck on A and I couldn't switch to B by stepping on B. What was also strange is that in some presets, FS5-8 were inexplicably assigned to various effects and amps. For example, I was in preset C and switches A and B (FS5 & FS6) were lit and somehow assigned to effects.

I was later told that this isn't a glitch but a setting, but I have no idea how the POD got to it as it required going into the menus to turn it off. Unless this setting can be accessed with the footswitches, I don't know how it got to that state and I worry that it will happen again for no reason.


Thanks for the follow up.

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Yeah, you need to recalibrate the exp pedal after a reset. That should have been in the "how to" that explained the reset process. 


The tuner - it is a hit or miss. No one has an explanation. 

Some people experience a "bleed through" and others do not. What I find most perplexing is the fact that it didn't happen before. I mean, I haven't spoken to every single 500 owner, but as far as I can recall here on the forums, that is an issue that doesn't change based on firmware. 

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