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I want to fit a dummy coil to my JTV 59p. Love the sound of the pickups but want to get rid of 60hz and RF hum.

Have read a lot about dummy coils and would like to mount one. The battery compartment is the perfect place as I only ever use a VDI cable to my board which negates the need for a battery.I have the dummy coil and it fits perfectly.

My question is where do I solder the ghost coil terminals as the only info l have seen pertains to Strat wiring.

The principle should be the same but as the pickups are terminated on to the mini PCB in the switch cavity it doesn't appear obvious to a novice like me.

Any advice appreciated.

P.S. Don't want to replace pickup with humbucker or modify pickups to rwrp as this only cancels hum in the mid position.


Hopefully someone out there has thought about this mod too.

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