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[HELP] Pod XT Live and Mac OS High Sierra

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I recently update my Mac OS from Sierra to High Sierra. Before, all my Line 6 drivers and apps were working fine. Since I've done a clean install of the OS I had to install all drivers again, so I downloaded everything from Line 6 website and started the installation. I installed Monkey with no problem but when installing the latest driver for my Pod xt Live it installs, restart the computer and open Monkey again showing that that driver needs to be installed. I installed it over and over again 3 times and it still shows as if it is not installed.


I am wondering if there is yet no compatibility with High Sierra. Same goes for Gearbox. Does anyone know or had compatibility troubles?


Thank you


- Maha

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I have the same problem... if i try to change the values on the "Line 6 Edit"  a screen pops up with a message along the lines saying " bad things......man bad things!!!" I called Line 6 today (November 15) and I'm still waiting for a call to see if there's a fix to this problem. It was driving me nuts because I'm in the middle of recording and now I have to stop production until this is fixed.

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On 1/16/2018 at 2:58 PM, kimhogeling said:

Hi guys, you just have to allow it in your "Security & Privacy" Settings. This is because of Mac High Sierra's new security layer ;)


In your Mac "Security & Privacy" Settings you see a button in the right bottom corner labeled "Allow" - Klick that and voila!

You are a lifesaver! For anyone with issues connecting PODxt to their Macs ... THIS WORKS!

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