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M20d: Recording Main Output and Controlling L3M Equalization

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Hello folks! I have bought my first PA system: M20d+ 2x L3Ms.
They sound awesome and amazing...

If anyone here is proficient on the M20d, may i ask two questions (I already RTFM!):


1) Recording on the M20d: if i select Inputs+Main Mix, i do get all files for each track and for the mix. But if i select "Main Mix" only...nothing gets recorded...yet it's quite can't go wrong...
I press the Record button, play the song...stop it...there is nothing saved to be replayed. Also, the "bay" under the play/record controls does not fill with any icon, while when i choose "Inputs+Main Mix", all channels appear as square icons in that bay, and i can see the green blips pulsing as we play.


2) in some Line6 video on the M20d, the guy shows how you can tweak the 32-band Equalizer in the L3 speakers...well, i can't get to that screen...nor does the User Guide show this feature.


I upgraded mixed to 1.20 and the speakers to the latest firmware too....
Thanks for any hints - sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.


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This is exactly the place to ask, and we users of the gear will try and help.

The 31 band eq is a Deep Tweak settings when you select the main mix output devices. The manual references but doesn't show it. Unfortunately I am in USA and my gear is in the UK so I can't check it out for you.

Also can't help with missing Main Mix recording as I only ever record the Inputs - main mix would not normally be useful as the level of drums/backline in the main mix is very low if anything. 

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