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Need some expert help on sound topic

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Helix-folks, I need some inspiration, maybe one of you experts can help me. On a song we play, there is some 1-note-strumming (like taka-taka-taka-taka ...) I play now on electric guitar.

I would like to double it up with a kind of minimoog sound (like in this version of Hush). Of course I do not want a real synth sound, but something close to it. It should be an octave lower and alienated in a way to resemble that sound of a mini-moog. The general idea would be a split signal with this kinda-minimoog-sound going by XLR directly into the PA (the "real" signal goes by 4CM into my tube amp).

Is this possible with a helix? What knobs have to be turned to achieve this?


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Meanwhile I found a solution that comes pretty close to the intended effect. First I didn't see it, because it's "hidden" exclusively in the stereo section of the Pitch/Synth effect list. As user who mainly goes by 4CM directly into an amp, I am used to the mono part only ...

All I had to do, is opening a second signal line with output XLR from which cables run directly into the mixer. In this line there are just 2 effects: Pitch/Synth - 3 OSC Synth and a compressor. I had to fool around a bit with the OSC settings but now I got a real fat sound by doubling the guitar strumming with a kinda syntheziser sound. Cool!


I would have marked this question as answered, but could not find the option, how to do this ...

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