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Patch Changing From Logic Pro 9 To Pod X3 Pro

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Hey guys!



Does anyone know how to correctly change patches in your pod x3 pro through Logic Pro?

I already created an external midi track selected the channel that the pod is using "16" went to the hyper created the patch change but it didn't do anything...


Hope to hear from you guys soon



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Here is some info from the X3 Advanced Guide:


MIDI Ch (POD X3 Live & POD X3 Pro only) – choose from MIDI Channel 1-16, or select Omni to have POD X3 Live & Pro respond to all MIDI channels, while transmitting on Channel 1. The MIDI channel chosen from the display user interface will be used as the Channel for Tone 1. Tone 2 will use the next MIDI Channel.
When program change messages 0-127 are received, POD X3 Live & Pro will recall User Presets 01A-32D, and will transmit those same program changes as presets are selected from the POD X3 Live & Pro hardware. It also echoes all program change messages it receives, so it can be connected “thru†to another MIDI device.

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