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Acoustic 700 Editing

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Hello all

I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't seem to find anything.  I just managed to get hold of a 15 year old Variax Acoustic 700 and its in incredible condition. Very lucky find in my local cash converters! I have a Pod XT Live and Workbench 1.75.  All connect and runs perfectly.  I have made a few custom tunings but I'm struggling to understand something.  What i want to do is select say Jumbo and have say Eb tuning available on that, but what i want is when the selector turns red into the alternate tunings, to turn it and have say drop D.  I can do that but then it also changes the sound to that model too.  So it changes to Dread.  Apart from over writing the Dread (or lets say Nylon which I'l never use anyway), is there a way of doing what I'm after or do you also have to reprogram each bank for the sound and that tuning, meaning you lose that guitar model?  There are probably 3 or 4 sounds I would use with all the same 4 or 5 alternate tunings to hand for each sound.  

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