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I think my Helix just broke. Any ideas on what happened, and whether it is user error?


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Help! I was practicing my setlist and walked away for five minutes. When I came back and rocked my expression pedal back up, my guitar signal was barely audible, and there is a HUGE amount of white noise like a ground loop within Helix. I reset the firmware and it's in the stock presets too. I restored my presets and IRs, and it's still there. I changed my guitar cable, it's still there. I also changed from XLR output into my JBL PRX monitor, to my Yamaha HS5 studio monitors. It's still there.  It's affecting the guitar signal coming from the 1/4" and XLR outputs. I route my audio from the computer into Helix and back out through the 1/4" outputs, but the digital audio isn't affected.

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