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HD500X won't switch patches, then reboots

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This does not seem to be the reboot loop problem that I heave read so much about. Everything works fine for a while, but then the patch buttons won't respond and it will "screen reboot" a couple of seconds later - the screen turns black and then shows the Line6 logo then it all comes back a few seconds later. Audio is lost while this is happening. One thing to note: the FS lights stay on! So I'm guessing that it's not a total power cycle.


I can't find a pattern or a systematic way to replicate the problem. It doesn't matter if I'm hitting FS5, FS6, FS7 or FS8. The patches that are loaded at the time don't seem to matter, either. Sometimes it's fine for a while. Sometimes, it's just a matter of a couple minutes. I'll try to switch to another patch, then it freezes and does its little reboot. 


I have reinstalled, reflashed, and rewound everything I could think of and the problem still exists. I even purchased a new power supply.


This is quite problematic during live shows. I would really like to find a fix short of ditching the board. Any ideas?


Thank you!


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I do not know if it could be your case, but try reading here: Pod HD500 Freezing

Thanks, but it was already on Out. While I was in there, I did change the input to guitar only and now when it reboots, the FS lights actually go off. Not really an improvement, but maybe a change worth mentioning?

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