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Recording directly with Spider V or Audio Interface?


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The Spider V interface is going to be limited. If you start stacking tracks and using more things like plugin's it would probably be best to get an audio interface for home recording that has specialized DSP and be less taxing on your system.

Thank you so much. I have tried Helix Native Plug-in with Spider V Interface. I thought it doesn't work.

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I found recording direct from spider v60 to cubase has latency which settings can't be changed. The option tab to change it is completely inactive. Why???

So I'm thinking of getting an interface if it can't be fixed.

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On 2/2/2018 at 12:34 PM, craigkostiuk said:

What cable do i need to record directly from my Spider V 240HC to my Mac computer?? Im music common sence not technology common sence:) lol. Does anyone have a link?? Thanks!!!!

All you need is a USB cable, the kind that you use for a printer;



Plug this into Spider V and the other end into your computer. Make sure that your OS has the correct ASIO driver installed or else your DAW will never see the amp.  You can get the right driver from here: http://line6.com/software/

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