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Can I import XT LIVE tones to HD500X?


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Basically you have to start over and learn how to create tones with the PODHD.  What you have in the XT Live probably won't sound the same even when using the same amp models.  There's lots of people here that will help you through the process of learning the PODHD.  It may be a little frustrating at first, I know it was for me.  But it worked out eventually.  Also take a look at the Helix LT.  It's more money but sounds better and easier to use.

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No. The HD Pods have newer / more advanced processors that the XT Live, so you can't import XT tones to an HD500X. It's like trying to run Pentium 1 software on a quad core i7 computer. But all is not lost... You need to dissect your XT tones, effect by effect, parameter by parameter, and replicate them on your 500X. It takes a little patience... but it's worth it. In the process, you'll probably also improve your old tones.


BTW, I still have my XT Live... it's a keeper with a character all its own.


Glad to help.

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