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POD HD PRO X with FC-300 midi controller??

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Hey gang, 


I usually use my pro hd in my recording rack... but I have a live gig coming up, so I through the pod into my live rig rack, and realized I have no way of switching my user presets without the computer in front of me..


I have a Roland FC-300 midi footcontroller, which I hooked up to the POD HD... but the patches default to the "Best of HD setlist" and even when I load the setlist manually on the unit, the second I hit the 1st pedal on the controller, it switches all the way back to the "Best of HD" setlist patch 1... 


Anyone have any experience or theories on how to get around this?


I literally only need 2 channels to switch between, or be able to controll the effects So I can have 1 standard rythm with distortion, and an another that's the same but boosted, with delay and verb for lead guitar.. 


Thanks in advance!

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It looks to me like your FC-300 is sending a Bank Change message with value of 0.  That will bring up the first "Set List" (I hate that name).  I don't know the FC-300, so I can't advise on how to change it.


Alternative solution (if you have HD PRO X Edit) is to save the "Best of" set list, then load your preferred set list into that first slot.


(From the "C" appendix of the Advanced User Guide) Load Set List: from your MIDI controller device, send a Bank Change CC0 (Bank MSB), CC32 (LSB) message with a value of 0 (for Setlist 1), 1 (for Setlist 2), etc., followed by a Program Change message (Value 0-63 for Preset 01A - 16D) for the desired Preset within the Set List. The Set List and Preset are loaded on POD HD Pro X.

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