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Help getting a bass tone on Spider V 60


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The only amp model that even mentions a bass is the generic "Tube Instrument Preamp" which would be a perfectly clean tone, and the only one I would consider using without blowing the amp. My fear is turning it up very far may blow the speakers, so I wouldn't go very loud or use headphones to protect the speaker.
That said, the description of the "1969 Brit Plexi Lead 200" amp says it was a favourite of bassists, but I would be very careful using this with a bass on the built-in speakers.
Depending on tone, other effects you could use are

  • Bass Overdrive – Based on* the Tech 21 Bass Sans Amp, with a pleasingly metallic distortion that is a favourite with the Post-Metal crowd.
  • Bronze Master – Based on* the Maestro® Bass Brassmaster, considered by many to be the Holy Grail of bass distortion units.
  • Sine Chorus

I would avoid anything with too much gain, or that gets funky (like the synth effects)

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