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.svu file?


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Just bought a Spider V 120 today. Love the wireless feature and of course all the Line6 presets. Been a Line6 user since the days of AX2.


I downloaded an .svu file (a39_1.04.0.svu) from Line6's web site. I assume it's a firmware update for the amp, but I have no idea how to load it into the amp. I tried using the PC remote app, but there's nothing for firmware upgrades.


What am I missing?  Thanks, Thorne

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I downloaded that and installed it and I cannot find it anywhere. I went to the folder where it's installed and all there is is an uninstall executable.  I'll try a reinstall.


For one thing the install dialog says it gets installed in C:\Program Files\Line6\Line 6 Updater which is totally wrong.  There is no Line6 folder in /Program Files, and there is no Line 6 Updater folder in /Program Files (x86)/Line6 folder.  I also told the installer to create a desktop icon and it doesn't do that either.


UPDATE... OK, it all worked when I did the reinstall.  Yay.

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