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Pod Hd500 Effects Loop (fx Loop) Options

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I'm very much enjoying my DT25 head and POD HD500.


I also use it in conjunction with a couple of pedals in front of the HD500 and couple in the FX loop (e.g Strymon delay post preamp) I am considering buying a second DT25 head - so I can really get presence on stage, either with two amps running the same tone, or two totally different amps models (e.g. Twin and Divided by 13).


However, if I connect the 2nd DT25 via L6 link from the first DT25, and if I use a foot pedal (e.g. Fulltone OCD) in front of POD HD500, then will both amps take on the sound of e.g. the Fulltone OCD (because it is at the front of the signal chain)?


Or, is there a way to route connections within the POD HD 500 that means that I am able to run the amps clean/dirty, completely independently of each other, and crucially, that the second DT25 won't be affected by the pedals in front of the first DT25?


How would I do this? I'm assuming I have to set up two FX loops, one in the HD500 pre amp models, the second fx loop using the loop on the back of the amps? Or can I have more than one loop in the HD500 pre/post amp model? (Although I don't have enough loop connections in the HD500 do I?)


Thanks, Ben


see attached diagram

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I am interested in this setup too.


My understanding so far, to have effects applied to only one amp:


1- use the pod HD effects loop, put your distortion effects inside it and place it after the split , of course since there is only one effect loop , you must chose which amp will use it


2- use the effects loops of each DT25 , since they are placed after the preamp, it's should be fine for eq/modulation/delay/reverb. Just, you can not turn the effect loop on/off from the pod.

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