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Recording/Playback Issue - Reaper & POD HD500

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Hello, first time using the forums since I wasn't able to find a concrete answer to the issue I'm having here or on the Reaper forums.


I have two issues.


First issue.  I am unable to have anything playing on my computer playback through my headphones that I have connected to my POD HD500.

I have my POD HD500 connected via USB to my computer.

In the Sound panel, when I have the 'Line 6 POD HD500' set as my default Playback device, anything that I try to play does not play.  For example...  I go to YouTube to play a song, and the video doesn't start.  Same for when I am playing something back in Reaper, I push play and nothing happens.  Why is this?


Second issue.  I am unable to record in Reaper.  This probably has something to do with the first issue, but I am going to write it out regardless.

As said, I have the POD HD500 connected via USB to my computer.

In Reaper's preferences under Audio > Device, I have the following...


Audio System: ASIO



Is there something that I am missing?  I'm feeling frustrated since I recorded something a few weeks ago and I didn't have this much trouble getting things to work.


Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!

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