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Hello Everyone!


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Hello guys,


After years and years of playing through half stack + pedal board, i decided to simplify my rig in terms of carrying all that stuff around to gigs, and so i ended up picking up POD500X few days ago.


I am definitly happy with results that i am getting however i am still in the learning phase and i was hoping i could get some of you pros to help me out.


My set up right now is Guitar (srat) > POD500X > KRK5 speaker ( aim using XLR left for connecting POD500X to KRK5 speaker)


I have started puting my own patches in place. But because POD500X allows for so much flexibility i was woundering if there is a certain way on how you guys approach seting up these patches for live performance? If you could give me help and tips on this it would be very helpfull.


I am in the begining stages now on creating what i like and i am trying to do this the right way if that makes sense. I plan to plug directly into PA during gigs, and perhaps have one speaker that i will have for monitor.





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Thanks guys,

Sounds  like a really good comprehensive guide that meambobbo put together. Will definitly check that out!


I do have a queston in terms of connecting a monitor. When playing live i was thinking of connecting XLR left to PA and thne XLR right to my monitor for stage volume. Havin said this, when i create a patch, would it make sense then to set the chanel  volume on Mixer hard left for PA connection and hard right for my monitor on stage?


Or do i leave both in center? Right now i am plugin to home speaker and testing my patches and i have both left and right chanells set to hard left as i only have one mointor plugged on XLR left output.


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If you are using a mono chain, no dual amps, no stereo FX then panning makes no difference to tone. If I go direct to the board I simply have everything panned center.


Have you considered a couple of other options?


Left and/ or right XLRS into two different inputs on the board, similarly left jack (which is summed to mono) and/ or right jack out to the board. Then take a feed from the board back to your monitor? Clearly using two inputs to the board and then panning appropriately gives you the option of stereo - if you think that will work for you live.


Or  Hows this for an alternate set up? Left Jack (which is summed to mono) to monitor, line out from Monitor (XLR or jack) to the board. Nice and simple and I still retain full control over the montior rather than some one else playing with the aux output on the board back to the monitor.

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