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Manual Misprint


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Found a misprint in the manual, pretty minor but wanted to bring it up in case no one else has so that it can be corrected in the next revisions.

In Global Settings > Preferences, for the Tap Tempo Pitch parameter description:

Determines how delay repeats behave when repeatedly pressing TAP. "Accurate" respects the natural pitch fluctuations inherent when changing a real delay pedal's time knob; "Transparent" minimizes these artifacts.

In fw 2.21 at least, the values for this are Authentic and Transparent, not Accurate and Transparent.

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Helix Senior Product Manager, Eric Klein, goes by the handle Digital Igloo here on the Line 6 Forums, on TGP and elsewhere. He oversess the Helix Use Guides. They are revised only for major (Full Interger) firmware releases. Thus the next one is expected to be with 3.0 next year. Feel free to send e-mail or PM him, so this can be added to the list of corrections.


BTW, as the PDF's security settings allow user notes and highlighting, these are excellent methods to keep track of any notes, etc. that you may wish to add to the current draft PDF.

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