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Wanting To Re-Create Three Effects Used By James Burton - Wah/Fuzz/Volume Swell

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First of all, I'm a huge fan of Elvis Presley - especially his work from 1969-1977 with legendary guitarist, James Burton, who had previously worked (1957-1966) with the late Rick Nelson as his guitarist for nearly ten years.  Here's my inquiry: 

During the March 27-29, 1972 Hollywood, CA recording sessions (part of which can be seen in "Elvis On Tour"), Elvis recorded a song called, "Where Do I Go From Here?" and James played a simple intro that used a wah/fuzz/volume pedal.  Is it possible to re-create this kind of effect on a Line6 POD-XT Live or should I just save money and buy a Colorsound Fuzz/Wah/Volume pedal?  I've posted a link to the song.  Any help would be kindly appreciated.


Where Do I Go From Here?  


Also, just out of curiosity, why is James and his gear not listed in "Tone Templates"??  I know he's not really a modern rock guitarist but, IMO, his sound (and style) influenced many guitarists from that era and from the 80s as well.  I think he should be included.  I know what his guitars and amps are/were both back in the 1970s and nowadays so.....if someone needs a bit of help, I can help out.




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