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Here's a tip if you want to improve your musicianship.  Don't rely on what other people tell you.  Go to a store, try out the amp, bring your own guitar if you want, and decide for yourself if the amp has presets that sound good to you. This way you'll develop your own sense of what "good" means musically to you.  I think you'll find there are many good presets for hard rock playing.  The Line6 amps always have had presets to satisfy all different tastes in musical styles.

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What I found is that I like the high gain amps when I also use a PEQ after the cab. Treadplate, Engl, all sound more what I expect when I have the EQ active in presets.

Look at the Youtube clips that show what a difference maker that EQ can be.


The Head sound you experience will be dependent on what you use for a cabinet and speakers in the cabinet.

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