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How to use POD's USB connection only for editing purposes.


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Hello everyone!

I am wondering, if there is a way to use usb-interface while editing my patches in pod hd. Please, take a look on the scheme I drew:

I want my pc apps not to use POD as soundcard except POD's editing software. 

So my scenario is simple. I want to play a guitar while playing some songs in any player app. I can edit patches to create a sound I like. But for master volume control I use my usb-interface (just because it stands on the desk, it is more comfortable than to bend to the floor where POD is). When I'm done playing, I just turn the POD off and continue browsing/playinggames/watchingporn using usb-interface.

So, again, I need to connect POD's USB to PC only for editing patches, while all the playback is performed by usb-interface.

Sorry for my english and my explanation. If there is any simpler solution, I would be glad to hear it.

Thank you!

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your link doesn't work, it says: forbidden acces..


however doesn't matter, the solution is very simple..


with the POD connected and turned on make sure that the operating system (check with the sound control panel) and the DAW recording software (audio settings) don't use the POD as audio interface, but instead your other audio interface

Thank you for your fast reply! I will try this as soon as I can.

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