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Helix Native in 9 different styles! (Clean, Crunch, Rock & Metal demo)

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Hi guys!


I just uploaded this new video.

It's a Helix Native demonstration in 9 different styles ranging from clean to 8-string metal.

I used different amp models and OwnHammer IR's for each tone.


Helix Native is such a wonderful tool and I've been a fan ever since it came out.

Working wth this plugin is just so easy and I get great results every single time!


If I get enough requests I could do a tutorial for all the tones.


Please enjoy:


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Good stuff. I like the idea of using an external IR-host plug-in to get around the limits and extra work of managing the Helix IR slots.


@guitarjonSDS, were you using your Variax magnetic pickups, or modeling? Also, have you experimented with getting some good recording tones via Variax models + Helix Native? 

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