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Helix in 9 different styles (clean, crunch, rock & metal demo)


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Hi guys!


I just uploaded this new video.

It's a Helix Native demonstration in 9 different styles ranging from clean to 8-string metal.

I used different amp models and OwnHammer IR's for each tone.


Helix Native is such a wonderful tool and I've been a fan ever since it came out.

Working wth this plugin is just so easy and I get great results every single time!


If I get enough requests I could do a tutorial for all the tones.


Please enjoy:


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Love it man, but the Ownhammer IRs are FAR more responsible for the tone than anything Helix is doing. Im not knocking what youre doing here at all. Your time spent here and on ALL your videos is much appreciated., but i think its fair to note that you could combine these IRs with freeware amp sims floating around the web and get most of these tones, as im quite sure you are well aware of.


I get what you are doing but helix appears to be the star of the show, and it really has less to do with the tone than the player, the cab sims, or the guitar. respect!

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Thanks for your feedback willjrock!


I hear what you're saying and I've gotten a few other requests for demo's without IR's.

The thing is that these demo's just simply reflect how I choose to use Helix Native.

It will take too much time for me to also do a demo with the internal cabs.

I appreciate your feedback though and I thank you for watching the video!

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Excellent. Re: IRs vs baked-in cabs .... in the quest for tone anything is fair game.


As far as "Which of the tones in this video are your favorites?", I personally like (and am curious about setup of) the clean and crunch tones with single coils, and the guitar solo tone. (Well, I like 'em all, but the cleaner stuff is often harder to achieve.)

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