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Variax 300

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Guys I have a variax 300 and i would like to use it with out a pod, how can I do that, wich pedal can I get? I know the Guitar have one when it was new but i don hav it, is there and other pedal like the original one?

You can power the guitar with batteries (if the guitar doesn't have one, the battery pack can be found on ebay, and takes 6xAA batteries), and use the 1/4" jack output into a standard amp setup. The power supply box is available also, and you would need a TRS (stereo) guitar lead, to provide power to the guitar from the box. From this box, you can choose to go to PA (for acoustic sounds), via a mic lead output, or to a guitar amp via another 1/4" jack.

These are available via ebay, also, or you could contact your nearest Line 6 distributor.

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