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What frets are on JTV69 ? SS ? Jumbo?

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I polished the frets on my 69S, did a good setup and got it playing really well. The neck is big, but its not bigger than my Les Paul neck and feels fine to me: and I have small hands. The thicker necks tend to be more stable and can sound better, with more sustain. My Variax Standard neck is much thinner, and tends to move a lot with temperature and weather changes.


I have stainless steel frets on my Strat Deluxe and Les Paul. Love them. There silky smooth and never wear. But they're expensive since they're more work to install and dress.

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Psarkissian could you enlighten us on this? I thought my jtv 69 freets looked a bit gold, are they really the plain old nickel??

Trust me, they're not gold frets. Discolored and crappy looking perhaps, depending on the condition they're in...but they ain't gold.

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