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Hi everybody,


Not that long playing guitar and just bought me the Line 6 Amplifi. 

Before I was using products from other brands. 


I was asking myself if it work together for example playing a Line 6 Variax Shuriken connected  to Line 6 Amplifi and Line 6 M13?

All the 3 items have there effects and modeling. Will it fit and work together?


Any experience with that?




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Might be better to try the AMPLIFi or Shurikan forum as this is more for DT/POD/Helix users who have a Variax/JTV/Shuriken.


For my 2p I have an AMPLIFi 30 I use for practising with My JTV and it works/sounds great. The downside is that you won’t be able to change configuration on the Variax with the footswitch without actually changing the knobs on the guitar. One of the major plusses (for me) of my POD/JTV is that I save changes of amp & guitar in each patch then call this with the press of a footswitch.

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Yes, all three products can be used together, but they won't communicate with each other like some other Line 6 products and your Shuriken will need to be powered by a battery. Amplifi has both effect and amp modeling so you may want to turn effects off in your presets if you are using it withe the M13. 

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