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Assigning effects to FS2-4: only one effect per FS, right?


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I'm pretty sure I'm understanding all I've read but want to air my question here. With the Spider V amps and the FBV 3 pedal, one can assign only a single effect to each of the foot switches 2-4, right?  (And FS1 is always compression and FS5 is always reverb) For example, I can't assign both DST and DLY effects to foot switch 2, right?  And that's because there is no way (that I can see) to assign effects to foot switches other than editing and assigning the effects to FX1-3 on the amp.


It would be nice to have the functionality like on the HD500X pedal where I can place effects anywhere in the chain and have multiple effects in the chain.  Of course I don't want to get into suggesting that Spider V should contain the functionality of all of Line6's amp and pedal features. But it would be a nice enhancement to be have on the Spider V LCD some new menus where I can be explicit about to which foot switch I want to assign my chosen effect instead of having to figure out that one assigns effects to foot switches by turning knobs FX1-3.

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You are correct, one effect per footswitch and FS1 & 5 are locked in. You are able to place your effects just about anywhere you want in the signal chain, aside from the noise gate and wah which are always first and comp/eq which come after the amp.The easiest way to control the order of the effects and see the chain visibly is with the app. It can be done from the front of the amp it just takes a little more thought as the chain is not laid out visually in front of you.

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