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Spider Remote exchange function screwed up my presets


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The function on the Spider Remote for Andoid that is the 3 horizontal dashes which allows one to exchange the location of presets, or at least that's what it does when one is in a single bank, when one tries to exchange among banks, e.g. between bank 1 and bank 23, the function is no longer exchange. The function then becomes insert which has now completely screwed up all my presets because they are now all bumped up by one location.  Grrr.  So which is correct?  Insert or exchange?  Or is it intentional that they behave as exchange within a bank but insert between banks?


And on top of that.  Because I tried to stop this insert by pulling the USB cable out of the Android device, on subsequent uses of Spider Remote, the download from amp to Spider Remote hangs and eventually the data connection is lost. Not happy.


UPDATE... Thank goodness all I had to do to get Spider Remote working again was to turn the amp off and back on.  I'm still not happy about the exchange versus insert issue.

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