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Native Discount for used Helix?


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Thanks, it would seem that it does not qualify (I have not purchased one yet). What's also interesting is that the discount doesn't apply to B Stock. 



Here are the Terms and Conditions that apply to Helix Native discounts.



See the Eligible Products section.Sounds like your used Helix does not qualify, but you should talk to Line 6 to be sure.

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It doesn't apply to used items because the intent is to provide one discount per device, not multiple discounts. If the original purchaser retains the Helix device for more than 180 days he/she receives a lifetime license for Helix Native. Hence no discount for future purchasers of the same device.


One approach would be to obtain the serial number of the Helix device you propose to purchase and check with Line 6 to see if that device has already been registered and used to obtain the Helix Native discount. If not you might be considered the original owner for discount purposes and may be entitled to the discount.

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