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Helix routing question (separate signal chains to FOH and amp/cab)


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Hey guys, apologies if this has been covered in the past, but I am on the verge of buying a Helix and just want to confirm some routing options:


I'd like to be able to send a fully modeled tone (preamp + poweramp + IR) to FOH, but use my own poweramp and cab to monitor myself on stage, without an IR.


So I'd like to create a preset that can divide itself into two signal paths: one path gets a preamp model, a poweramp model, and an IR, then gets sent to FOH.

The second path gets the same preamp/poweramp models, but no IR, and get's sent to my own amp/cab. Is this possible, and if so, any tips to making this work seamlessly?


Thank you!



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Yep you can totally do that.


Just put a split at the right spot in the chain where you want separate, I usually use a gain block to create the split. One side continues to the IR and FOH on the XLR outs and the other to the 1/4 outs and to your amp/cab.


something to be aware of, there aren't any power amp only models. It's pre-amp and amps (pre-amp / power amp together). Just to be clear based on the wording but wouldn't really make any difference.

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Or.... put a send block just before cab, set to instrument. No need to "waste" a split if you need it for something else..


Cat skinning.... no cats were harmed in this post..

A split is a precious commodity. A send block just before the cab is the way to go. 

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