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SHURIKEN don´t work!!!!

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Hey everyone,


I got my Shuriken last week -waited long, long time ... like everyone!

This Guitar works 3 Days. Suddenly the electronic failed (at a gig ;-(  ). Nothing, no LED on Knobs...

Yes, the Akku was full and I used it with the VLAN-Cable with Helix!


Now its send back to Yamaha/Germany and I am sure this will take several weeks :-(


I am VERY disappointed. Sorry Line6, but I had same problems with JTV-Variax-Guitars, therefore I bought the Shuriken!

Only my Standard works well.

Does anyone have similar problems?



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Mines about to go in for its secord repair. First time a piezo died on the high e string, now its refusing to turn on when i push the knob in and cant activate the electronics.


Hoping these problems are not going to happen regularly, otherwise im gonna take it back and get a jackson or something. Already was without it for a month and a half waiting on the piezo to be replaced, now it will prob be just as long :(. One more breakdown and its getting returned.

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