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what happends to my ears : bored withHD sound


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I don't know what's happening to me.

I play with the pod during 3 years and I used to be amazed with the result after tweaking efforts.


since 4 month, I feel bored about the sound.. I tried different new stuffs and different new strategies such us using amp sim infront of a clean amp. the results are good  but im not amazed anymore. Note that I used to plug it in the return of different amps tube or solid state.


Who already experienced this feeling ??



DO you think its time for me to get something else ??


+ i THINK  i'm tired trying to set up my sounds in rehearsal , triyng to fix levels .... trying to find where this undesirable high frequency lies ( in the amp model  or in the  modeled pedal) ...


any suggestion ? SHALL i GO for a traditional amp with pod's effect ?? i'm little bit lost 


EDIT : my problem lies more in the lead tones 


I still love the lceans im getting , and i Found a way to get very interesting crunch 

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shall I get a Helix or a compact tube amp (thinking of a Hughes and Kettener Grandmeister 36) to pair with my pod.....I have the psychological feeling that :


real amp equal less tweaking and equal best results thant with a pod or a helix.


not because pod is modeling ...but just because with an amp you are more limited and that you will master the knobs easily and thus get perfect sound 

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not because pod is modeling ...but just because with an amp you are more limited and that you will master the knobs easily and thus get perfect sound

You think you're the first musician to get bored with a piece of gear?


If you want an amp, buy an amp. But let me save you the suspense..."perfect sound" doesn't exist. And if you think you're ever gonna reach the point where you'll never want something new, you're deluding yourself. You'd be the first guitarist in history to get there...

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you're deluding yourself. You'd be the first guitarist in history to get there...

hmm, I'm more frustrated now hhhahha 


Even in band practice....while they used to love my tone, they are now telling me that I sound like crap :/ even when I use the same patches I used when they were happy about my tone..




where instead with the real things, you can forget the above underlined characteristcs, but if you really know which tested by you equipment you need to get your perfect 3-4 sounds, by using it you probably couldn't be more happy than that!!!,...... at least until you eventually get bored of your 3-4 perfect sounds, or feel too limited by the options available..



I love versality this is why I love the pod, but my tone is no more what it used to be even with the same guitar same patches......maybe my ear matured ??


the sound That I like are not so exhaustive : 


1.A round  and dark clean tone with a kind of bassy harmonious sustain when you play chords ......still got this with the Pod 

2. an edge of beakup tone ressemblig the clean tone  for some solo feeling and melodies using two strings (sraty playing)

3. a crunch  sound with a focus on the mids to get that classic rock tone ! obviousely this same tone can become a lead tone with a distortion pedal

4. A Dark and round lead tone  to get that petruccian sound 

5. another lead , yet more nasal, less bassy more adequate for slides and harmonics (in the style of andy timmons


While these are  just 5 different tones, I think that I can play anything I want to play. 


Yesterday, I played with a a marshal 8100  valvestate, and, while I dislikes the clean tone, the overdrive channels competes the pod in term of  edge of break up / crunch sound.

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I recently went through this.  What helped me the most was I borrowed an amp that had the tone I wanted.  Then with the help of people on here and others, I dialed the PODHD to sound like that real amp.  It makes it a LOT easier when you have the real amp right there to compare to.


Sometimes over the years you over tweak your tone too.  It may sound like crap now compared to what it did 6 months or a year ago.  Hopefully you saved earlier versions of your tone and can go back and compare them.


Other choice are:

Buy the Helix or Helix LT - they're a nice step up from the PODHD

Buy a real amp and hope you don't get bored with that cause you won't be able to change it.

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could be that the strings need changing?................. just kidding. :D ....... but you never know :rolleyes:


 Yes I tought that maybe its the guitar or the pickups I'm bored about ........I'm the style of musicien who loves to have only one guitar.....and Good point about the comparaison between pod and real amp


Try purchasing a very cheap all in one amp/speaker, say ~$50 or less, and force yourself to play through that for a while. Then go back to the pod. Sometimes, maybe all one needs is a perspective readjustment or recalibration.

yeah maybe I need a crappier sound to get happy once again 


Another are you able to dial the volumes of tha patches in band practice situation


I'm very disapointed...when I switch between clean and is either too low or two high and this always depand on the velocity of the drummer/bass player .....I feel like I need a copy of each preset one in higher volume to another .....any solution ?? 

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 is not the Volume pedal a good option to use for you?..

d'ont think so cause I use the wha wha ! I dont see how is it possible to use them both I....... mean if I switch to  the wha the setting of the volume pedal will be either full volume or minimal volume 

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You all could be damaging your hearing over time but it's most likely just the psychological effects of familiarity.  You're getting "fatigue" from the same tones and effects, but they're still the same tones and effects.  They're just as good today as they were last year, and your new fans won't know or care, nor will your old ones.  This is one of those situations where we end up fixing what isn't broken.

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Do anything repeatedly for long enough and you're going to: 1) Get bored; and 2) Lose perspective... Both of which are counter-productive and counter-creative.


I understand your lament. Here's my Rx: 1) Try a different pod; 2) Switch guitars; and... this is the hardest 3) Take a break.


1) I just switched from my 500X to my XTLive and I'm still blown away by the amazing range of tones it offers... It does wonders to refresh perspective, dispel boredom and enhance creativity. And anyone who says "old equipment doesn't deliver" is just generalizing... or being elitist: Vintage amps, guitars, pedals all deliver. (Sure, I'm considering a Helix / Helix LT, but not to the exclusion of my other boards... budget permitting, of course.)


2) Same goes for guitars. Getting caught in a rut is easy... but there's nothing like switching guitars to get you out of your comfort zone, and the blahs. It's like a splash of cold water to the senses.


3) Don't let your passion cloud your judgement... Take a break! Set everything aside for a week and you'll be amazed with how NEW everything feels and sounds.


So, that's what I do whenever I burn out on the "same-old". Works for me... it might for you too.

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Have you tried dual amps/cabs?   I was just experimenting going back to a single amp and so far can't duplicate the sounds I get with two.  The combinations of mics and cabs is critical though, you can't just pair up anything.     Check this:


Here's the list of successful matches I've used. Please let us know if you find others.

Uber V-30 4x12 57 on axis   XXL 4x12 121 Ribbon  

This is the last and to my ear best combination I've found. It seems natural - crisp highs and powerful mids. And there's less EQ'ing to deal with here too.

Uber V-30 4x12 409 Dynamic   XXL 4x12 57 on axis  

Nice feel like the one above, but not quite as much SNR. Maybe a clearer midrange though.

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Time for a change? Have you tried running your rig through stereo monitors (I use KRK 6" G3 Rokits). The punch, detail, crispness are outta this world... You'll hear yourself in a whole new "light". And the stereo effects (ping-pong delay, chorus, etc.) will transport you to another dimension. I've tried twin amps (Marshalls) set up in stereo, but the definition was lacking. A pair of new monitors will set you back less than an amp, and sound ten times clearer (my opinion). Plus, the effects you dial in on your pod will really come to life. That should cure your bored ears. You can rent monitors from your local music store and try it out... nothing to lose.

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To answer your question about your ears, go ahead and get an audiogram test. In general, as we get older, the higher frequencies tend to get lost. There's nothing like knowing which frequencies you actually hear in each ear. There may be some audiology facilities in your area that offer a basic test for low cost or even free.

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