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Pod Hd Pro X/l2m And Master Volume

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OK, so I've put aside my Vetta II and un-packed my new Pro X and L2m speaker. I hook them up with L6 link and put the L2m into 'Electric guitar' mode (funny, I thought the system was supposed to do that automatically). The trouble is, the Master Volume control on the Pro X does not affect the volume of what comes out of the L2m so the only way to adjust the volume is to reach round the back of the L2m and tweek the control there which is not so easy when it's in wedge config. I've hunted for a setup entry to change this behavior but I can't find anything. Have I missed it?

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Afterglow - I have a HD500 into a L2t via Link 6.  The same thing happended to me.  I posted the same question at the POD HD forum and was told the the Master Volume indeed is disabled in the Link configuration.  So, the way that I had configured my patches I had to set the Volume of L2t to 1 barely audible or else it was way to loud.  Quickly I booted up my computer connected it to the POD and subtracted 6 db on every patch I have (It took about 1 hour).   Now, my accoustic patches are around 6 db and my electric patches are around 0 db.  Once I did that I could adjust the volume on the L2t.  Then the love started...........I love the L2t.

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Hi J, thanks for the reply.


I guess I can see why the L6 Link bypasses the Master Volume - you may be connecting a DT50 with it and the L6 XLR is also the AES out neither of which would you want the Master Volume getting in the way. It's just unfortunate that it's not a setup option for those of us wanting to hookup a L2m/t for backline or that the L6 Link isn't smart enough to work it out.


I've noticed that the Unbalanced Outputs ARE post Master Volume so I'm likely to use that to connect the L2m which is a pity!



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